Month: June 2015

Azure Infrastructure Services Implementation Guidelines

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Azure is an excellent platform to implement dev/test or proof-of-concept configurations, since it requires very little investment to test a particular approach to an implementation of your solutions. However, you must be able to distinguish the easy practices for a dev/test or proof-of-concept environment from the more difficult, detailed practices for a fully functional, production-ready implementation of an IT workload.

This guidance identifies many areas for which planning are key to the success of an IT infrastructure or workload in Azure. In addition, it helps the implementation of solutions on the Azure platform by providing an order to the creation of the necessary resources. Although there is some flexibility, Microsoft recommends that you apply this order to your planning and decision-making.

  • Naming conventions
  • Subscriptions and accounts
  • Storage
  • Virtual networks
  • Cloud services
  • Availability Sets
  • Virtual machines

The full version of guide can be found here.